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  • Pinnacle Custom Underbar and with StainlessSteel Alcohol Cabinet
    Replacement of old doors and seals
  • Pinnacle Large Coolroom with Bottle Front
    Custom Coolrooms and Freezers
  • Pinnacle Underbar with Bench top and double sided door access
    Double Sided Underbars with Custom Shelving
  • Pinnacle Glass front cold storage display and storage
    Customized Commercial Refrigeration
  • Pinnacle Outside Rooftop Refrigeration Unit Enclosures
    Rooftop Refrigeration Unit Enclosures
  • Pinnacle Custom designed deli, underbar, and stainless steel benches
    Custom designed MultiDeli with Underbar and Stainless Steel Benches
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Fridge Doors and Seals

Seal-Change_154030_imagePinnacle Refrigeration Services manufacture, supply, and install a variety of refrigeration accessories built to your specifications, types of fridge door include:

  • Glass Fridge Doors
  • Toughened Glass Fridge Door (Safety Glass)
  • Colourbond Fridge Doors (available in a variety of colours)
  • Stainless Steel Fridge Doors
  • Freezer Doors
  • Coolroom Loading and Door Frames
  • Fridge Seals/gaskets made to order

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