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The EGO Fridge & BBQ

pinnacle_ego_bbqThe EGO - BBQ

The meat is cooked nicely on the BBQ but still needs to be watched, your kids/mates are playing a game of cricket and there is no one to get you a beer... Does this sound familiar?


The newest sensation in outdoor entertaining has arrived, Wait no longer for an icy cold drink, Never again receive a spoiled drink from leaking products in the esky or warm as the ice has melted, Just reach into the fridge and grab a cold one! (Also great for keeping the meat cold too!).
And now, with the addition of salad wells there is even more room in the fridge.

What is included in 'The Ego'

The Ego is designed for you with what you want and need in a specialized barbecue. almost anything can be added. No more settling for second best, or the one that is closest to what you want. The Ego has all that and more.
The items that you can choose from:
Your choice of BBQ plate, Fridge, Bench space, Drawers or cupboards, Selection of handles, The layout of the fridge, A sink connected to a hose or plumbed, Easy waste removal, Stand alone or on wheels, Cutlery draws, Hidden Gas bottle, The list goes on and on...

Self-Test Questionnaire, This questionnaire is designed to determine whether the Ego is right for you.

Do you enjoy entertaining friends in the summer months?
Do you have a better BBQ?
Do you get frustrated with a lack of an outside fridge?
Would you like to be the envy of your friends or associates?
If you answered Yes, Sometimes or Maybe to the above questions, You need 'The Ego' !

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