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  • Pinnacle Custom Underbar and with StainlessSteel Alcohol Cabinet
    Replacement of old doors and seals
  • Pinnacle Large Coolroom with Bottle Front
    Custom Coolrooms and Freezers
  • Pinnacle Underbar with Bench top and double sided door access
    Double Sided Underbars with Custom Shelving
  • Pinnacle Glass front cold storage display and storage
    Customized Commercial Refrigeration
  • Pinnacle Outside Rooftop Refrigeration Unit Enclosures
    Rooftop Refrigeration Unit Enclosures
  • Pinnacle Custom designed deli, underbar, and stainless steel benches
    Custom designed MultiDeli with Underbar and Stainless Steel Benches
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Terms & Conditions


All service work will be invoiced on day of service.  COD is the expected method of payment, however if authorised person is not available to make payment, terms will be extended to 7 days (STRICTLY)


Supply and Installation works terms are as follows:

  • 40% Deposit - No work will be undertaken until this amount is cleared  
  • 50% Progress payment - Prior to installation or fit out, equipment will not be dispatched from factory until this amount has cleared                         
  • 10% Balance - Due on completion of works or with 7 Days.

Terms can only be varied with written approval from Pinnacle Administration.                          

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or via EFT deposit - please ask service-person for banking details if you wish to transfer payment.


Non payment or late payment of account:

If payment terms are not met a statement will be sent requesting payment and/or a phone call  will be made to client to ascertain reason and ensure payment is made within 3 days of phone call.  Administration fees of $100 + GST , will be added to the account and a further invoice will be sent detailing this amount if payment is not received within this time frame.

If account remains unpaid after administration fees have been added, the account will be forwarded to our debt collection agency.  Further costs will then be added to cover our costs of collection.  These are currently set at;

  • 12% of total bill, including administration fees for accounts greater than $700 


  • 17% of total bill, including administrations fees for accounts less than $700 

Pinnacle Refrigeration Services regrets having to take such a strong stance on non-payment, however after many years of absorbing late payments we are unable to continue.

Warranty Terms

Standard warranty for all equipment is as follows:

  • 3 Months parts warranty for Fan Motors with NO labour warranty                                          
  • 12 Months parts for all other equipment unless specified                                                 
  • 3-6 Months labour warranty for all installations of new equipment

An authorized Pinnacle Refrigeration service-person will attend to Warranty work within the next working day (Monday - Friday, Public Holidays excluded).  Exceptions can be made, however Pinnacle Refrigeration Services will not be responsible for costs incurred for opening Suppliers after hours.                  

Pinnacle will not be liable for other companies invoices for warranty work, unless consent has been gained from Pinnacle Refrigeration Services prior to work being undertaken.

Warranty’s will be void under the following circumstances (but are not limited to);                  
  • If another company services or maintains the equipment within the Warranty period         
  • If equipment is not regularly cleaned or maintained                              
  • If there is evidence of tampering

Please Note: if there are outstanding amounts due to Pinnacle Refrigeration Services, Warranty for equipment or installation that is not paid for in full will be void.
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